"Let my voice to tune you."

Zuzana Zaimlová - soprano

Graduate of the Conservatory in České Budějovice, Faculty of Education of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice and Academy of old Music in Brno (class Irena Troupová). Since graduation, she has further developed her singing techniques and interpretation abilities and teaches singing. She regularly participates the interpretive courses focused on old music.

She also performed with Collegium musicum Budvicense, led by conductors Karel Fráňa and Karel Ochozka, with Collegium Cantus firmus, Musica Divina, Dyškanti (artistic director Martin Horyna), Perchta, Ars antiquitatis Prague under the guidance of Luboš Malý, Ensemble 18+ under the guidance of Petr Wagner, master of viola da gamba. She also sang alongside excellent pianist Veronika Böhmová (Edinburgh festival).

During her long-term cooperation with Collegium musicum Budvicense, the CDs Advent and Christmas in České Budějovice (2008) and V. M. Jírovec: Missa Solemnis (2015) were recorded. With the body of Ars antiquitatis Praha she recorded CD L. Malý: Magnificat (2012).

She has performed several modern premieres of the music of the old masters as well as the world premieres. She participates by in charity concerts (hospice care, ruined monuments) both singing and organisation. Occasionally and with joy she sings in worships.

In addition to concerts in the Czech Republic, she performed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In 2013, the successful work of Trio Ridente- sopranists E. Dvořáková, Z. Zaimlová and pianist I. Sedlecká began. In January 2015, Trio recorded the CD Moravian Duets, including cooperation with the photographer Michal Siroň, who created artistic photographs for each song.

In 2014, the ensemble Amor aeternus was founded, where Zuzana sings with instrumentalists playing copies of baroque instruments, and also is an artistic leader. The body’s repertoire is spiritual Baroque music, which is her long-term focus for authentic interpretation.


CD Antonín Dvořák: Moravské dvojzpěvy Tria Ridente

CD Antonín Dvořák: Moravské dvojzpěvy Tria Ridente

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